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George Baiz

Enspiretiveart Design was created in the dot com era. Designers and jobs were plentiful for the taking. Till there was nothing left and it became a tumble weed industry. Designers were a dime a dozen. That title, "Graphic Designer" seemed like anyone could take it and apply to a business card because they knew their way around a MAC or PC. A push of a button concept to created a cookie cutter design seemed to become a standard. Knowing the back end and the process to create such pieces became truly irrelevant that a title meant nothing. When files submitted to get produced were riddle with big ambitions but little knowledge of how it would ever get produced. It left clients wondering what did I pay for and why am I paying the printer to fix this in order to produce it, and now the designer was gone. 

    This is where Enspiretiveart Design came about, a concept of not just a designer but a "Solution Oriented Designer" was born. Not just with design but finding ways to still get a high end piece without the high end cost. Finding alternative ideas to still achieve the client end result. 

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